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Dear visitor, Our aim is to raise $20,000 for a (4m x 2m) HD LED screen, the primary purpose of Revelation Daze is to spread the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ. Having done many outreach events using our music to draw a crowd on the streets. We have found that when we came to explain how God has transformed our lives. And how it is utterly impossible to enter Heaven without the atonement of Jesus (the Son of the living God) People would stand and listen to the music. But not all would stay to hear the main point of us being there. After praying and fasting we were given a vision of this new type of media being used with the music we have been writing for the last six years. 1 The animated band would be the at the back of us and we would play and sing live in front. 2 People especially the young see everything on screen in this day and age would relate to a screen to receive information. 3 We have made the presentation highly entertaining whilst staying true to God's word. And will continue to do so. 4 We have performed continuously to audiences for most of our lives, this would be well over 2000 live shows (gigs) Giving us vast experience in live music. 5 We already have transport and P.A and lighting equipment. 6 We have already recorded and produced over thirty songs and growing. Once perfected, the template could be used by others. 7 Any visual information could be displayed as well as these performances. And we would welcome the opportunity to work alongside other ministries. We need to keep pace with our changing world, So far this has taken almost 2 years to develop But the cost of a large L.E.D Screen is too much without help. We can promise if anyone would like to sow into this ministry, Your money will go to the spreading of the Gospel, We have already done three such events and they were incredibly well received, From all ages…..Thank you Keith and Jenny Raby ( Revelation Daze) Any amount you are able to make, Will be gratefully received
0.25% Raised
$50.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
1 Donors

Thank you for helping us to present our media on a large projection screen.

God Bless,

Keith & Jenny Raby
Revelation Daze

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