Keith and Jenny have such a passion for reaching the lost with the awesome Gospel message of Jesus Christ, and use their musical gifts to go wherever God sends them.They have to date completed missions/outreaches in Prisons/Hospices/Rest homes/Outdoor events/Churches/Large/small indoor events and are currently hoping to go into Secondary schools with their new vision “Revelation Daze”, their animated Gospel band. keith and Jenny will go anywhere they are invited to share the amazing news that has saved/transformed their lives.

Keith pretty much fitted three lifes into one by the time he was forty. He burned the candle at both ends and in the middle.
From being in the British army to unwittingly being involved (via owning a large restaurant) in money laundering. Being bankrupt along with two failed marraiges, a career in music/ writing for T V and live work, and also a landscape gardener, a heavy drinker and party animal, but it was as a failed salesman and becoming homeless that he first cried out to God.

All his life he was trying to fill a God shaped hole only Jesus could fill. Today he along with his wife is a fully commited Christian, and has finally found full contentment and peace in His Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Nothing now brings him more joy than to write Gospel songs with Jenny that express their love and gratitude to Jesus for rescuing and transforming their lives.