Revelation daze is a virtual band

Its Developers/songwriters are Keith and Jenny Raby.

We have completed three full Gospel albums, and are now ready to start recording our fourth. We prayed and fasted at the beginning of 2017, and God gave us a vision of a virtual Gospel band, which we would be able to play live alongside to do special outreach events, which we have such a passion for. We usually work live as an acoustic duo, when we go out to do our Gospel events. We plan to go out with this new concept very soon (With the band) on a very large screen behind us, and with all lead vocals /guitars being played/sung live along with the band playing the rest.We have a very powerful Yamaha and JBL P.A and full lighting rig, and also a battery street P.A Our first live event with Revelation Daze (the virtual band) was , at Victoria Community Church. Blackpool. on 23rd September 2017, and have done a few more since to great reviews from all ages. We have been using a projector screen up until now, but this brings a lot of limitations, so we are now hoping to raise the funds to buy an LED screen to play the animations on.

Hi my name is Jenny Raby

We have been writing/performing together for Seventeen years and collectively have over 50 years of experience in the music industry, which includes live work/recording work/ T.V work. For the last decade we have dedicated most of our time to writing Gospel music, since becoming Christians, and we now have such a passion for sharing the Gospel message through testimony and song. Over this last eight years we have had so many amazing opportunities to share our stories of what our lives were like before we came to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour, in Prisons/Streets/ Churches/Hospices/Rest homes and Outdoor/Indoor both small/large events, and are now looking forward to being able to share our Stories/Songs in this new and fresh way, with our animated band. Check out all of our videos page and you can download our three albums and all the animated videos for a great price.

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